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Renate Vasiljeva, Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist, VILNIUS

My goal is for the patient to feel safe and comfortable while I carefully perform oral hygiene procedures in order to achieve the best possible results. I try to share the knowledge that I have gained in my extensive work experience and advise my patients on all aspects of dental and oral care. I am happy when I am thanked with a smile.

Work and Education
2006 Graduated from Kaunas College and earned professional certification as a dental hygienist at the Centre for Medical and Social Studies;

2006–2007 Dental hygienist at Odonta Clinic;

2007–2008 Dental hygienist at the Smile to the World Clinic;

2007–2008 Dental hygienist at the D. Andriulaitienė Clinic;

2008–2010 Dental assistant and dental hygienist at the Medicus Dentum Aesthetic Dental Clinic;

2010–2015 Dental assistant and dental hygienist at Diadenta;

2015–2016 Dental hygienist at the Vilnius University Hospital Žalgiris Clinic;

2016–present Dental assistant and dental hygienist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.

Professional Development
2006 Seminar: Oral Mucosa Diseases and Their Prevention;

2006 Seminar: Disposal of Medical Waste;

2007 International Dental Congress (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2009 Seminar: Emergency Assistance During Critical Situations in Dental Practice;

2011 Seminar: Patient–Doctor Relationships, Dental Disease Prevention;

2011 Vilnius Territorial Department Conference;

2011 International Congress: Oral Health for Everyone;

2012 International Congress: Dentistry Today and Tomorrow;

2012 Seminar: The Importance of the Professional Hygienist in Dental Practice;

2013 International Congress: Odontology for Human Health;

2014 International Congress: From Ideas to Achievements;

2014 ITOP (Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis) training;

2014 The Use of Biolase Diode Lasers for Soft Tissue Surgery in the Oral Cavity and the Treatment of Periodontal Disease;

2015 International Congress: Oral Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation;

2016 International Congress: Harmony of Oral Health and Quality of Life;

2016 The Importance of a Professional Hygienist in Dental Practice;

Ongoing participation in various courses, seminars and conferences.

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