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Ingrida Rezeckienė, General Dental Practitioner

I love that there is no monotony in the profession that I chose. Every new patient who comes in is a new and different case, with a different treatment plan. Each difficult situation is a challenge that encourages me to constantly improve, to deepen my knowledge and take interest in the latest methods of treatment and prosthetics. After evaluating the patient’s situation and listening to his or her problems and expectations, I select and explain to the patient the best solution and, using all of my knowledge, thoroughness and attentiveness, I strive to attain the most aesthetic, functional and long-term result possible. My goal is for patients to leave our clinic with a flawless smile and free of the complexes that once tormented them. Happy and satisfied with the result.

Work and Education
2010 – Graduated from Kaunas Medical University Faculty of Odontology;

2010 Internship at the Kaunas University of Medicine Clinics;

2010–2011 Dentist at the Stomatologijos Poliklinika Dental Clinic;

2011–present General dental practitioner at the E. Adomaitytė Dental Clinic;

2011–present General dental practitioner at Vaivadens Clinic;

2013–present General dental practitioner at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.

Professional Development
2008 International Conference: Aesthetic and Functional Solutions in Dentistry;

2009 International Conference: Global Achievements in Aesthetic Dentistry;

2009 Conference: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Advanced Dental Prosthetics;

2010 Conference: Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice;

2010 International Congress to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Prof. S. Čepulis;

2010 Conference: Dental innovations in Practice;

2010 Radiation safety certificate;

2011 Seminar: The Use of Nano-Technologies in Aesthetic Dentistry. Anatomical Composite Layering Techniques;

2011 Seminar: News in Dentistry;

2011 Workshop with Dr Valdas Vilkinis: Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior and Molar Teeth with Composites and Glass Ionomers;

2011 Conference: Prevention, Early Diagnostics, and Minimal Invasion;

2011 Practical Courses in Cosmetic Fillings with Prof. S. Radlinsky: Restoration Therapy Using Dentsply Products and Techniques (Ukraine);

2012 Workshop: Restoration of Anterior Teeth with the Composite Veneer System;

2012 Conference: Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice;

2012 Theoretical-Practical Seminar: Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior Teeth with Fiberglass Pins and Composites. Direct Repair of One Tooth Defect of a Dental Arch with a Fiber-Reinforced Composite Bridge;

2013 Seminar: Dental Implant Prosthetics with Fixed and Removable Dentures;

2013 Practical courses: Prosthetics with Veneers, Onlays and Crowns. Direct Restorations, Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany);

2013 Courses: Successful Treatment Concepts Using Metal-Free Ceramic Systems, Prof. Daniel Edelhoff, DMD.

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