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Giedra Bušmanienė, Physiotherapist


Movement is a doctor for the body and soul.

As a physiotherapist, it is my duty to see what is “invisible” and hear what is “inaudible”. By applying various physical therapy methods and my extensive experience and medical achievements, I try to find the shortest path to help a person and prevent diseases. Every one of my patients is special and unique, and each situation is different. My goal is to ease a person’s ailments, to restore lost functions and, most importantly, to help avoid disorders. It is probably not for nothing that they say: “Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body – above infinite wealth.”

Work and Education
1995 Completed the rehabilitation studies physiotherapist programme at the Lithuanian Institute of Physical Education and earned professional certification as a physiotherapist;

1995–2014 Physiotherapist at the Kaunas Clinical Hospital;

2004–2005 Assistant at Kaunas University of Medicine;

2005 Completed the physical therapy study programme at the Lithuanian Institute of Physical Education and earned a master’s degree in rehabilitation;

2007–2010 Assistant at Kaunas College;

2014–present Physiotherapist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.

Professional Development
2000 Courses: Onnuri Therapy SU JOK Acupuncture;

2003 Courses: Yumeiho Therapy;

2004 Traineeship (Oulu, Finland);

2005 Seminar: Opportunities for Using the PNF Method for Individual Illnesses, R. Ščepaniak;

2010 Courses: Chiro-Plastique Massage, A. P. Coche;

2011 Courses: Drainage Lymphatique Visage-Corps, A. P. Coche;

2011 Courses: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2012 Courses: K-Active Taping;

2012 Certified lymphoedema treatment, Földi Clinic (Germany);

2013 Certified courses: Clinical Neurodynamics, A. Sapir;

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuanian Sports University and Vilnius University training courses and seminars in Kaunas, and Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 Co-author of the education book Hip Joint Arthrosis and Endoprosthetics: Kinesiology and Physiotherapy.

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